1.5W LED G4 12V 3000K Bulb Clear (See Supp Descr)


Description: Check out the 1.5W LED G4 12V 3000K Bulb Clear (See Supp Descr) by ET2 Online

Collection: Accessories
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Type: Bulb


Light Type: LED

Bulb Type: 12V G4
An average rating, in hours, indicating when 50% of a large group of lamps have failed, when operated at nominal lamp voltage and current; manufacturers use 3 hours per start for fluorescent lamps and 10 hours per start for HID lamps when performing lamp life testing procedures; every lamp type has a unique mortality curve that depicts its average rated life. For Photo-Optic specialty lamps, average rated life refers to the operating period after which on statistical average, 50% of the lamps will perform within their specified values.
Bulb Max Wattage: 1.5

Total Wattage: 1.50000

Color Temperature: 3000 K
This is a measurement in Kelvin of the color of light a source produces. Higher color temperatures (5,000 K or more) are cool (blueish white) colors; lower color temperatures (2,700–3,000 K) are warm (yellowish white through red) colors.
Input Voltage: 12