Gyro II LED Pendant / Semi-Flush Mount


Description: Check out the Gyro II LED Pendant / Semi-Flush Mount by ET2 Online made of Metal, Aluminum, Acrylic in a Black finish.

Collection: Gyro II
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Type: Single Pendant

Material: Metal, Aluminum, Acrylic

Finish: Black
Finish Options
  • Black
  • Polished Chrome


Number of Bulb: 4

Light Type: LED

Bulb Type: PCB Integrated
An average rating, in hours, indicating when 50% of a large group of lamps have failed, when operated at nominal lamp voltage and current; manufacturers use 3 hours per start for fluorescent lamps and 10 hours per start for HID lamps when performing lamp life testing procedures; every lamp type has a unique mortality curve that depicts its average rated life. For Photo-Optic specialty lamps, average rated life refers to the operating period after which on statistical average, 50% of the lamps will perform within their specified values.
Bulb Max Wattage: 29

Total Wattage: 29

Rated Lumens: 2016
A measurement of the power of light emitted from a source. The difference between LED lumen versus lumens from an incandescent or fluorescent source is that all of the lumen output is directed forward as opposed to a bulb where lumens come off the source in all directions. Lumens are lost on the back side of a bulb.
Color Temperature: 3000 K
This is a measurement in Kelvin of the color of light a source produces. Higher color temperatures (5,000 K or more) are cool (blueish white) colors; lower color temperatures (2,700–3,000 K) are warm (yellowish white through red) colors.
Bulb(s): Integrated

CRI: 80+

Dimmable: Triac CL


Width: 15.75"

Height: 15.75"

Length: 15.75"

Max Overall Height: 59.75"

Min Overall Height: 15.75"

Hanging Weight: 6.38 lb.

UPS Shippable: Yes
Any box shipped via UPS that that is larger than 3 cubic feet in size will be charged shipping costs based on its dimensional weight rather than the actual weight of the package.
Canopy Width: 9"
Canopy Height: 1.4"
Canopy Length: 9"


Safety Rating: Dry

Slope: 120


A very unique and interesting design that features concentric bands of Polished Chrome or Black that rotate on 3 axis points and adjusts in multiple directions similar to a gyro. The edge of each slender band encases a small LED strip covered by a frosted lens. This work of art is so much more than just a lighting fixture.